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Shirtless heart thing


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It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before that moment but there’s something different every time. Somehow, Loki continues to need to refamiliarize himself with his own territory and this is no exception. When Peter steps into the bathroom for a shower, Loki stealthily follows.


There was no use in arguing so Loki put the energy he may have otherwise directed toward breath to lowering his body temperature some, if only for the sake of Peter’s very obvious fever.

There was a small smile when Loki didn’t even try to argue, just let Peter lay on top of him. He could feel the change in temperature, and while a part of him was curious how the god was able to do it, the bigger part of him was just grateful for the cool of Loki’s skin against his own fevered flesh, relaxing on the man’s chest. “Sorry. I should be fine soon enough. And, y’know, if you want to leave I can’t exactly stop you.” Nor would he, no matter how much Peter would want to keep Loki there.

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The skin of his face and forehead seared against the god’s own cool flesh. “Peter…”

He curled further into the god’s chest at the sound of his name, shaking his head. “I’ll be fine, just… Stay right here?”

Andrew Garfield making pizza at ‘Locanda dei Girasoli’ in Rome, Italy (x)

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"Are you feeling alright?"

"I’m fine." Despite his answer, Peter wrapped himself around Loki, forehead burning and exhaustion quickly settling in now that the god was there. "I’ll be fine," he amended after a moment.

Sick Day Starter Sentences
"Are you feeling alright?"
"Are you sick?"
"Do you want me to pick up medicine?"
"Do you want soup?"
"Have you eaten anything?"
"I'm sick."
"I am not sick!"
"I can't be sick today!"
"I love you, but I don't care what you say; you're sick and you're staying home."
"I don't get sick."
"Just stay home, one day can't hurt."
"Stop denying that you're sick, it happens to everyone."
"You don't look too good."
"You look sick."
"You should probably go lie down."
"Your temperature is super high."